Ted and Linda started growing roses in 1974. Peace, Command Performance, Candy Stripe, Crimson Glory, Climbing Royal Gold, Angel Face, Evening Star and a small unidentified pink old garden type rose were some of the varieties in the first rose garden. Linda went to a Rose Show of the San Joaquin Valley Rose Society in the Spring of 1976 and that was the beginning of what has become the center of their spare time. In the Fall of 1976 they moved from a mobile home park with thirty-five roses. Two of the original roses are still in their garden today-Climbing Royal Gold and the unidentified pink rose. Today the Burg's Rose Garden includes over 425 diferent varieties of roses. Eventhough the number of hybrid tea and miniature roses account for about half of the 425 roses, floribunda and shrubs roses are Ted and Linda's favorite roses because of their almost continuous bloom throughout the heat of the Central California San Joaquin Valley.

Miniature roses greet vistors to the Burg Rose Garden. They include: Susy, medium pink; Pierrine, orange pink; Hot Lips, orange pink; Kev, deep yellow and Loving Touch,apricot blend.

Miniature roses in the front yard

Roses in this bed include: Altissimo,a medium red large flowered climber; Dusky Maiden,, a dark red floribunda; Ballerina, a medium pink Hybrid Musk and Duet, a pink blend hybrid tea.

A bed of Hybrid Teas that includes: Milestone, red blend; Beverly Hills, orange blend; Las Vegas, orange blend and Lemon Spice, a light yellow.

Hybrid Teas Just Joey, orange blend and Touch of Class, orange pink.

The hybrid tea Olympiad, medium red and the floribundas Interama and Lavaglut both dark red.

This bed of roses include:Tempo, a dark red large-flowered climber; Pinata, a yellow blend large-flowered climber; Vanity, a deep pink hybrid musk; Prima Donna, a deep pink grandiflora: Winifred Coulter, a red blend floribunda: City of Leeds, an orange pink floribunda; Class Act, a white floribunda and Graham Thomas, a deep yellow David Austin shrub rose.

Roses in this bed include: Irresistible, a white miniature; Handel, a red blend large-flowered climber; Complicata, a pink blend gallica; Marina, an blend floribunda; All That Jazz, an orange pink shrub; Sunny June, a deep yellow shrub; Portland Dawn, a pink blend miniature; Cheyenne, an apricot blend miniature; Betty Prior, a medium pink floribunda and Golden Holstein, a deep yellow floribunda.

Climbing Cecile Brunner, a light pink polyantha, cascades over an arch

Floribunda roses include: Betty Prior, medium pink;Gingersnap, orange blend; Matangi, red blend; Amber Queen, apricot blend; Golden Holstein, deep yellow and Sheila's Perfume, yellow blend.

Roses in this bed include: Handel, a red blend large-flowered climber; Madame Voilet, a mauve hybrid tea; Satchmo an orange-red; Raven a dark red shrub; Lavender Dream a mauve shrub; Royal Highness, a light pink hybrid tea; Bon-Bon, a pink blend floribunda and yellow spuria and tall bearded iris.

Roses include: Madame Violet, a mauve hybrid tea; Royal Highness, a light pink hybrid tea; Baronne Prevost, a medium pink hybrid perpetual; Sharon's Delight, a white shrub; Irresistible, a white miniature; Lavender Dream, a mauve shrub and Eye Paint, a red belend floribunda.

Roses include: La Sevillana, an orange-red floribunda; Signature, a deep pink hybrid tea; Lilac Charm, a mauve floribunda and Just For You, a deep pink miniature.

This bed includes: Marijke Koopman, a medium pink hybrid tea; Sparrieshoop, a light pink shrub; Pinata, a yellow blend large-flowered climber; Cary Grant, an orange blend hybrid tea; Flutterbye, a yellow blend shrub; Celebrity, a deep yellow hybrid tea and Shrimp Creole-Louisiana Iris.

Roses in this bed include: Betty Prior, a medium pink floribunda; Gingersnap, an orange blend floribunda; Matangi, a red blend floribunda; Amber Queen, an apricot blend floribunda; Halo Sunrise, a yellow blend miniature and Anytime, an orange pink miniature.

Roses include Heritage, a light pink David Austin shrub rose and Sweet Inspiration, a medium pink floribunda

The orange pink large-flowered climber, America, and the orange blend hybrid tea Artistry

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